Rouen Saturday 18 September 2021

Exhibition the Friday 17 Sep 2021 of 16:00 at 18:30
and the Saturday 18 Sep 2021 from 08:30

139 vehicles

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Nantes Monday 20 September 2021

Exhibition the Saturday 18 Sep 2021 of 14:00 at 17:30
and the Monday 20 Sep 2021 from 08:00

198 vehicles

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Paris – Nord Saturday 25 September 2021

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Exhibition the Friday 24 Sep 2021 of 11:00 at 15:00

101 vehicles

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Expert report

The Expert Report is a 185-point test, combined with a test drive. Divided into 4 parts (mechanical, comfort-safety and road test), it is carried out on all vehicles less than 42 months old.

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3 months Premium Warranty

Take advantage of a 3-month mechanical warranty.

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Bid from home with Live, at the same time as the buyers in the sales room. Participation in Live is free and the system is totally secure!

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Registration cards service

Fast, simple and practical: entrust us with the gray card process at the time of your purchase.

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