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People just like you!

Entrepreneur, craftsman, young couple, families with children, young or old, VPauto's customers are people just like you!

Some have been buying their cars for decades, others are newer to it. What do they have in common? Beyond the preconceived ideas of an auction they dared to enter one of our sales rooms and discovered the concept of a secure sale, a wide selection, a professional welcome. Today, they are ambassadors of our brand and we thank them for it.

So, whatever your profession, your family environment, your budget, open the door on one of our exhibitions and discover VPauto.

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avis client

Cherif (Vitry Sur Seine, 94)
"Frankly super satisfied. I bought a CLA by internet: I didn't even leave home. It's simple and efficient, everything is clear, no surprises on arrival. All my future cars will be bought through vp auto."

avis client

Jebril (Montpellier, 34)
"Really great, I've already spoken to everyone around me and I will go back to VPauto in the future! Hyper satisfied, really looking forward to picking up my vehicle! »

avis client

Virginia (Neuillac, 56)
« Ayant une énorme confiance dans votre entreprise c'est mon premier achat sur internet sans voir la voiture. "Having a lot of trust in your business, this is my first purchase on the internet without seeing the car. Nothing could be improved. Better and better."

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Source Survey Monkey - 189 responses - online surveys collected between September 2016 and March 2017.